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E-mail recieved May 3rd, 2005 from Dr. Andrew D. Laird, Ph.D. (hc), Director and Founder of The Rhode Island Paranormal Research Group:

"I have always found the K-11s EMF Meter to not only be the perfect entry-level instrument for investigating paranormal phenomena and activity, but it also consistently outperforms better known instrumentation ten-fold. I personally use this meter along side my Trifield Natural Meters on a regular basis and know I can trust its data. In short, the K-11s is a powder keg of power tucked into a simple to use meter. One of the most enjoyable aspects of the K-11s is that it is silent. On overnight or weekend long investigations the beeps and whining starts to wear thin the nerves!
A use I am sure the designers never intended for their meter was its use in seance situations (we call sit-downs). More than 50% of the time when this meter is used during this procedure, we can use it as a communication device with those entities that have come to communicate with us. We coined and obtained the copyright on the procedure we have coined as Para-code(c). Briefly, the entity chooses a simple flash response to general questions that slowly get into specifics. One flash for yes, two for no. We have this procedure being very successfully used on videotape and it is the K-11s that has made this procedure even more so."

E-mail received Oct. 4th, 2005 from an Austrailian tour guide nick named Caz (who wanted her full name undisclosed since she works for the government):

"Just purchased 2 meters from you, 1 for myself and 1 for a friend.
I work as a ghost tour guide in Sydney, Australia for a government organisation. I have been using a K-11 meter on my tours since December 2004 and have found it to be surprising accurate.
Invariably when the highest readings are displayed, visitors feel cold spots and orbs are captured on cameras. ( In areas where there are no light sources, no reflections and with clean camera lenses.) On occasions visitors actually see the "ghosts" that the meter is indicating.
As a result of the interesting performance of my meter, 2 other guides have purchased meters from you and are now also getting unusual readings.
The K-II meters are easy to use in the dark and seem to be more responsive than the Cell Sensor meter, even when using the probe and which needs a light to see low readings on the gauge.
I have purchased another meter as I often hand mine out to tour patrons and one just isn't enough!"

E-mail received Feb. 11th, 2006 from SIGHT Paranormal:

"Thank You so much!

I am with SIGHT Paranormal out of Joliet/Chicago, IL.
I bought this a few weeks ago from your site and loved it.
I used on a major house investigation on Feb 4Th and about 6 different members used it and LOVED IT. When we were leaving the investigation, I had to keep my hands on the meter to make sure it came home with me. LOL.
I am also associated with SpiritSociety and will recommend the K-II for equipment.

Thank you so much!
Kelly Meagher
Lead Investigator
SIGHT Paranormal - website:"

E-mail received May 20th, 2006:

"Just wanted to tell you that I am going to really enjoy my new EMF detector. I had another one with the external probe and I must was a peice of junk and I paid way too much for it. Thanks for a great product and super fast shipping!
Meredith Ward"

E-mail received Nov 5th, 2006:

"Dear Dukesenior, I bought this item from you and have been using it regularly. I can't express how happy I am after the results I have witnessed. I can't be without it. I lost someone recently and felt that their spirit was trying to reach out. When I use this device, its remarkable. I am able to know by the reading on the meter, when the spirit comes and goes. It truly bridges the communication between us because I know by the reading when he is there and leaves. One night I really cried out for him, he usually shows up on a regular basis a certain time at night, but this particular time there had been no readings. I really cried out to him and it lit. More evidence that he hears me. If anyone has lost someone and needs testament to their being there, this meter will give them comfort. Love it, thank you for selling it. lioness7890 P.S. Have dropped it twice, sleep with it under my pillow, very sturdy instrument."

E-mail received Nov 10th, 2006:

"I was up at the Stanley Hotel this weekend with the TAPS guys and Chris Fleming from Biography Channel's "Dead Famous". Chris Fleming's choice for EMF meters is in fact the KII."
Kevin Cogbill

E-mail received April 6th, 2007:

"Being a psychic and sensitive I wanted to have visual and scientific proof as to what i was feeling and receiving from the spirits in the room. This (the K-II EMF meter) was perfect in showing others, as well as confirmation for me in getting complimentary responses."
Chris Fleming - TV co-host of Bigography Channel's "Dead Famous"

E-mail received August 4th, 2007:

"Thank you Duke Senior for your very prompt, courteous, professional and personal service. That is a rarity these days and I highly appreciate it. I received the KII meter on August 2 in pristine condition. It works as advertised and I am very pleased with this. I highly recommended you to the Ebay community. Thank you very much and Semper Fi,"
Steve McLaughlin

E-mail received August 21st, 2007:

"I can not wait to get it. When our group Berkshire Paranormal did a shared invest with TAPS At the Houghton Mansion Grant used one and I just about did head spin when he asked it questions and they were answered."

E-mail received Nov. 5th, 2007:

I purchased the K-2 a few months ago. I have had a lot of opportunities to use and test the item. It has been a very solid tool during our investigations. All in all this is very good product. You can see us and the K-2 in action on our internet TV show called Ghost Diaries. We have a few episodes posted at parachannel and will have more on screamtv very soon. All of which feature the K-2 that I bought from this store. So far it is one of my preferred tools in the field due to its ease of use. Thanks and happy hunting."
Luke Stone
Quest Research

Donna LaCroix from TAPS that was present during the filming of the Manson Murder episode writes the following about the K-II EMF meter:

"I'll tell you it was mind boggling. We all sat there trying to logically figure it out how it could be done (pressure of thumb, remote control, etc.). We tossed alot of ideas back and forth, but couldn't debunk it. I still can't to this day. We asked alot of personal questions (that weren't aired) that were consistently and truthfully responded to (some quite embarrassing). I could see if there was a 75% accuracy rate, but it was up there around 95%. Right before I started asking my question, I got a sharp (liken it to a needle going through my thumb where I had it on the control) pain, and almost dropped the device. I was told this is a regular thing when the spirit is trying to connect with you. Anyways, that's my take."

E-mail Received January 1st, 2008:

I just purchased your EMF Meter from Ebay and can`t wait to receive it. I work spiritually with my beloved soulmate/twinflame as my guide. We do investigations here in Wales and UK, but have been unable to purchase a decent reader for our work until now. We have seen this model being used on TV and have been impressed! We have tried other meters owned by friends but they are not that good.
Thanks for making it available. Good luck with your work and Happy New Year"
Karen & Johnny / Spectrum & Rainbow - Soulmates with Psychic Broadband

E-mail Received January 29th, 2008:

"hi there
that meter you sold is amazing. i went cold about a hour ago, as i was feeling abit low. and soon as i went tingly i turned on the emf reader, it was flashing like hell! i thought it might have been my phone and tape recorder i had near by. i have just tried it now and i am getting no flashing what so ever, even with it touch my phone and tape recorder! pretty impressive so far. many thanks
Jamie / eBay id: madhobbit
ps, Please check out my youtube channel for paranormal movies i have made if your interested."

E-mail Received August 11th, 2008:

"I actually purchased two of these meters from you a few years ago, and have found them to be a great product! I am the Co-Founder of GhostSeekers Australia, and conduct regular paranormal investigations here in Melbourne at the Old Melbourne Gaol, where these meters are extremely beneficial. I have been recommending them to anyone interested in paranormal investigating.
Kind Regards, Sylvia Geyer, GhostSeekers Australia, Melbourne, Australia"

E-mail Received September 5th, 2008:

"I got my own K-II from you before I joined TVPG and have had some impressive results with it, including six seconds of random flashing when it was standing on a wooden counter with no electronics within range. You know the leader of our group, Neale. He orders K-IIs from you for the members of the Thames Valley Paranormal Group and recommends you to everyone looking for good equipment.
Believe me, I tell people all the time how wonderful the K-II and your IR enhanced camera are and how fast they made it to England.
Thanks for being great."
Helen, Thames Valley Paranormal Group

K-II is the Preferred EMF meter by Paranormal researchers all over the world. Among the many users are: Grant from Sci Fi Channelís Ghost Hunters, Dr. Harry Stafford (known from several Discovery Channel Programs on ghosts and Director of Haunted St. Augustine - an ongoing Paranormal Investigation of St. Augustine) and Emilio San Martin of Haunted Orlando (recorded the Ghost Detectives on Discovery Channel with Dr. Andrew Nichols from American Institute of Parapsychology), and Chris Fleming, well-known psychic and from the TV show "Dead Famous".